Radio Honey Now Available in Stores

Exciting news, Radio Honey is now in stores. You can grab a copy from the following places: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones

Is there an equation for love?

Love = Like + Time?

Love = Kind + Nice Bum?

Cass, like most red-blooded females, would like to think she understands the formula, but finds that love is simply not adding up. Whilst her dad, a frustrated scientist, would have her believe that love is simply a chemical attraction. At the all-female radio station where she works, Cass connects with other lost and lonely women, and makes it her mission to ride out the oestrogen-fuelled problems dragging down the station and find a solution to love and life by her own ground- breaking formula.

Tara “Newley” Arkle is a very talented writer! I love book wholeheartedly- it sits proudly on my coffee table! I’m half way through and loving it! You will love to it too!! Five Stars!

Showbiz Guy