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Tara Newley Arkle

Writer, Tara Newley Arkle, was first published in the Poetry journal, The Atlantic Revue whilst living and studying in Paris. She went on to study Literature at Boston University, and worked in London as a columnist and journalist, Radio DJ, and TV Presenter before starting her own contents company, NewleyDale Ltd. With pilots made for Baby Cow, ITV and Channel 4.



Currently POET IN RESIDENCE at Sidcot School in North Somerset.


Current Projects


Screenplay - In Development

Graffiti Boy <3
Guerrilla Girl

Winner of the Moondance Film and Screenplay Festival 2018, second place winner and the 16th Anuual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival in Toronto, and winner at Global Winner Awards. Selected for the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards and European Independent Film Award.



Radio Honey

“This was great fun to read!...A ballsy, sex-positive protagonist still feels relatively radical (even though it shouldn’t), and the all-women radio station is a gem of a set-up (even better that you have personal experience, since it lends credibility and depth to your portrayal whereas too often a character’s job can feel like an incidental detail poorly fleshed out)—plus the nineties flavour of the story should attract a lot of readers, such is the current vogue.…With Radio Honey you have a strong basis for a surprising and relatable novel: the humour comes across well and your varied cast of characters interact wonderfully.”

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